The ImagiNation Network was one of the first graphical online environments dedicated to gaming.

Play it again and relive the golden years or try it for the first time and see what you missed!

FREE!  No hourly charge like the 90's!

About us

A group of three developers thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be great to play INN again?" With that, we put our heads together to rebuild, not just one of the best game services, but also the greatest community we knew.

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Know the games

The Shadow of Yserbius, Red Baron, casino games and card games in the club house... There are many games to play once you're in. For details on how to play and game information in general, click the link below.

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Meet up online

What are you waiting for? Create an account, download the free software and get online! We have complete guides to get you up and running inside of 10 minutes... That's faster than loading five floppy disks!

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